COVID-19 Resources for Unemployed and Frontline Workers

Learn about the resources and benefits available to unemployed and frontline workers impacted by the COVID-19.

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FAQs for workers about the various benefits they may be entitled to during this pandemic.

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The “ABC test,” is the simplest way to determine who is a true independent contractor and who is an employee.

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Employer Best Practices: Policies to Support Workers During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Read the new guide developed with the National Partnership for Women & Families.

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Fighting Wage Preemption: Restoring Local Democracy and Workers’ Hard-Won Wages

Workers are losing billions of dollars every year because their state legislatures blocked local raises.

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Guide Helps Employers Respond to Immigration Action

NELP and NILC have published a guide for employers on how they can prepare for immigration enforcement.

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NELP Mourns Passing of Larry Willis

As president of the AFL-CIO’s Transportation Trades Dep’t, Larry was a fierce advocate for workers.

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President-Elect Biden: Workers Demand a Just and Inclusive Economy

With workers around the country, we call on our newly elected leaders to fight for a just and inclusive economy.

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NELP Files Comments Opposing Labor Department’s Independent Contractor Proposal

The proposed rule would permit companies to exclude more workers from minimum wage and overtime.

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A Carceral Pandemic: The Normalization of Mass Death and Mass Criminalization

As we come into the sixth month of social distancing and a myriad of overlapping, co-constitutive crises, it’s both easy(…)

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Report: OSHA Investigated, Resolved Only 2% of COVID Retaliation Complaints

More than half the 1,744 retaliation complaints received were dismissed without being investigated.

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On the House COVID Relief Bill Providing Aid to Unemployed Workers and Ensuring Workplace Safety Protections

It’s time to pass a COVID relief bill that rises to the seriousness of this crisis.

Posted September 28, 2020 Read More

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On the SCOTUS Nomination

Congress should focus on providing COVID relief, not on forcing through this SCOTUS nomination.

Posted September 28, 2020 Read More

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In Solidarity With Breonna Taylor’s Family

NELP extends our deepest condolences and solidarity to the family of Breonna Taylor.

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NELP Denounces DOL’s Independent Contractor Proposed Rule That Would Expose More Workers to Wage Theft, Misclassification

The proposed rule would make it easier for corporations to cheat their workers and avoid minimum wage and overtime protections.

Posted September 22, 2020 Read More


Remembering the Hamlet Fire

Posted September 4, 2020 Read More

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Groups Urge Maryland Gov. Hogan to Issue Emergency Safety Standard to Protect Workers from COVID-19

The governor should require Maryland OSHA to do its job and protect workers from COVID-19.

Posted August 26, 2020 Read More

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Labor Department Report: More Workers Speaking Up, Blowing the Whistle on COVID Safety Violations—But Their Complaints of Retaliation Face Delays at Understaffed OSHA

Over half the COVID retaliation complaints were summarily dismissed, while remaining cases are taking longer than ever to investigate.

Posted August 19, 2020 Read More

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#SaveThe600 Coalition Blasts Trump Administration’s False Promise of Unemployment Relief

If the administration really cared about struggling families, it would have agreed to extend the $600 FPUC payments weeks ago.

Posted August 10, 2020 Read More

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Following Insufficient Memorandum, NELP Urges Administration to Get Serious About the $600 Lifeline and Comprehensive Unemployment Fixes

This is not a serious approach to solving a very serious problem.

Posted August 8, 2020 Read More


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Featured Campaigns

Building Safe and Healthy Workplaces for Every Worker in America

Nearly three million workers are seriously injured on the job every year.

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Raising the Minimum Wage

More workers than ever are struggling to get by on low-wage jobs.

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Ensuring People with Convictions Have a Fair Chance to Work

A conviction in one’s past shouldn’t be a life sentence to joblessness.

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Are the Trump Administration and Congress Really "Putting Workers First?”

See our new resource page tracking day-to-day developments on worker issues under the current administration and Congress.

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