California Passes Landmark Law Protecting Employee Rights of Uber Drivers, Gig Workers, Others

The passage of AB5 in California is a resounding victory for workers and responsible businesses in that state

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Getting to Know Labor Secretary Nominee Eugene Scalia

Workers should be and are rightly concerned about what Scalia’s nomination means for the future of their work.

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A New Social Contract for Workers

To build a new social contract for workers, our movements are calling for bold new public policies.

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Lasting Solutions for America’s Temporary Workers

Policy solutions that rein in the temporary staffing industry and provide workers with protections.

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Guide Helps Employers Respond to Immigration Action

NELP and NILC have published a guide for employers on how they can prepare for immigration enforcement.

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Exposing Wage Theft Without Fear: States Must Protect Workers from Retaliation

Analysis of retaliation protection laws illustrates the majority of states fail to provide basic protections.

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News Releases

Crowning Its 50th Year, NELP Announces Next Executive Director

Raised in rural Mississippi, powerhouse advocate for racial and economic justice will take the helm at preeminent worker rights advocacy(…)

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Labor Department Proposal Would Permit Employers to Do End-Run Around Overtime Pay

The proposed rule would upend decades of protections for some workers. 

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On Job Loss and the Hedge-Fund Attack on AT&T

More than 30,000 workers could lose their jobs or face cuts in pay.

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On the Labor Department’s Proposed Tip Rule

DOL’s proposal would allow employers to assign tipped workers more non-tip-generating work while still only paying them $2.13 an hour. 

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On Trump DOL’s Final Rule Allowing for Drug Testing for Unemployment Benefits

This rule represents a not-so-subtle attack on the character of unemployed Americans.

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In Case of a Downturn: Extended Unemployment Insurance Is an Economic Lifeline

It’s not too early to plan for extending unemployment benefits.

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News Releases

On New Hampshire Gov. Sununu’s Veto of $12 by 2022 Minimum Wage Bill

Gov. Sununu’s veto displays a misinformed and wrongheaded approach to pressing economic issues in New Hampshire.

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Learn about NELP’s two-day invitation-only strategy conference featuring more than 30 workshops and 50 presenters!

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Featured Campaigns

Building Safe and Healthy Workplaces for Every Worker in America

Nearly three million workers are seriously injured on the job every year.

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Raising the Minimum Wage

More workers than ever are struggling to get by on low-wage jobs.

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Ensuring People with Convictions Have a Fair Chance to Work

A conviction in one’s past shouldn’t be a life sentence to joblessness.

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Are the Trump Administration and Congress Really "Putting Workers First?”

See our new resource page tracking day-to-day developments on worker issues under the current administration and Congress.

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