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Every worker deserves a good job—one that pays a living wage and includes robust benefits. We’re leading the fight to make a good-jobs economy a reality.

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Today's Economy Doesn't Work for Most Workers


is the federal minimum wage. That's about $15,000 annually, which is not nearly enough to support a family.

1 in 4

private sector workers do not have any paid sick time, and many workers who do have paid sick time are disciplined for using it.


of occupations in the U.S. are racially segregated. Workers of color are limited to the lowest-paid, least stable, and most dangerous jobs.

$61.5B $61.5B in annual raises secured since Fight for $15 launched in 2012.

NELP in Action

For more than 50 years, we’ve led the fight for a good-jobs economy. Our work has sparked improved power and increased income for workers and their families across the country. Over the last decade, our victories have impacted the lives of an estimated 100 million workers and their families.

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Leading the Good Jobs Movement

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I am committed to protecting and building on the hard-won gains our movement has achieved. Together, we will build worker power and fight for and win policies that put people first, tackle economic inequality, and dismantle structural racism.

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Everyone deserves a good job. By giving today, you can support our work as we fight for a good jobs economy in which every single job is a good job, everyone who wants a job can get one, and everyone has economic security between jobs.

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