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Temped Out

Staffing work is one part of a larger story about the declining middle class in our country. Read More

An Unbalanced Recovery

Our latest analysis finds jobs in mid- and higher-wage industries still lagging in this recovery. Read More

Unfair Background Checks in California’s Health Care Jobs

Unfair background checks needlessly shut out Californians from fast-growing health care jobs. Read More

Accountability in Outsourcing

As outsourcing becomes standard practice, how do we ensure that businesses are responsible for their workers? Read More


  • 09-29-14 NELP and dozens of allies send letter to Labor Secretary Perez urging implementation of home-care wage reforms in January without delay. Read More
  • 09-15-14 NELP applauds Seattle mayor's announcement of new office to enforce Seattle's $15 minimum wage. Read More
  • 09-15-14 NELP and allies hold rally urging Gov. Cuomo's wage board to eliminate sub-minimum wage for New York State's 230,000 tipped workers. Read More
  • 09-08-14 NELP's Rebecca Smith details the expanding temporary labor pool that demands new protections for workers, in US News op-ed. Read More
  • 09-04-14 NELP's Sarah Leberstein discusses why home care workers recently joined striking workers in the Fight for $15, in MSNBC op-ed. Read More
  • 09-04-14 NELP's Jack Temple signals that public support for raising the minimum wage is driven by facts, in Restaurant Business op-ed. Read More
  • 09-02-14 New NELP report says rise of temp work and staffing agencies ushers in lower wages and dangerous conditions for workers. Read More
  • 08-29-14 NELP's Arun Ivatury discusses recent momentum behind the 'Fight for $15 an hour', in TIME op-ed. Read More
  • 08-18-14 See the Washington Post front-page exclusive story on NELP's latest study of wages and job growth in the recovery. Read More
  • 08-18-14 NELP's new data brief, An Unbalanced Recovery, finds jobs in mid- and higher-wage industries still lagging in this recovery. Read More

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