Growing Movement for $15

As the movement for $15 continues to gain momentum, the potential benefits for the U.S. workforce and economy are significant.

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The Hill: Don’t Reward Lawbreakers with Federal Contracts

Requiring federal contractors to obey the law is not a burden—it’s the bare minimum taxpayers have a right to expect.

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CNBC: Here’s What Paul Ryan Should Do First

Start by passing an increase to the federal minimum wage.

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On the President’s Announcement on ‘Ban the Box’ Hiring

The President’s announcement in Newark is a positive first step.

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Wage & Hour Protections for Home Care Workers Take Effect

Home care workers are now finally covered by federal minimum wage and overtime laws.

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Fortune: How Seattle Could Help Uber Drivers Earn a Fatter Paycheck

The city could be the first to let drivers unionize under a proposed ordinance.

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CNBC: Urban Outfitters should be ashamed asking for ‘volunteers’

Urban Outfitters asked salaried employees to volunteer for weekend work performing warehouse tasks.

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On the Senate Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform Bill

NELP applauds the Senate’s work to advance criminal justice reform and to fix flawed FBI background checks for employment.

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SunSentinel: Why Does Florida Treat Unemployed Workers So Badly?

Unemployed Floridians deserve a program that is fair and accessible, write George Wentworth and Cindy Huddleston.

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New York Governor Cuomo Announces Fair-Chance Hiring for State

New York is the 19th state to implement a policy, along with nearly 100 cities and counties and D.C.

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Report: Florida’s Unemployment Insurance Program Shuts Out Jobless

Only 1 in 8 unemployed Floridians receives jobless aid—lowest rate in the nation.

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MSNBC: Why It’s Time for Uber to Unionize

The growth of the on-demand economy calls for decisive action to safeguard workers’ rights.

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Featured Campaigns

Raising the Minimum Wage

More families are struggling to make ends meet in low-wage jobs than…

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Ensuring People with Convictions Have a Fair Chance to Work

A conviction in one’s past shouldn’t be a life sentence to joblessness….

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Reforming Federal Overtime Rules

America’s middle-class is working more hours, but still falling behind.

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