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Giving Caregivers a Raise

Our new report looks at the impact of a $15 wage floor in the home care industry. Read More

Restoring Opportunity for Unemployed Workers

NELP’s report shows that only 27 percent of unemployed workers received jobless aid in 2014—a record low. Read More

A Fair Chance at Federal Agency & Contractor Employment

Our new report calls on the President to tackle unfair federal hiring barriers faced by job-seekers with past convictions. Read More

Reforming Overtime Rules

Our new report shows why today's overtime rules are not working for America's workers. Read More


  • 02-25-15 NELP's Yannet Lathrop on why Walmart's recently announced pay hike is far from enough, at CNN Opinion. Read More
  • 02-24-15 Tipped workers in New York State score a major victory. Read More
  • 02-23-15 Georgia governor signs "ban the box" executive order -- first Southern state to tackle hiring barriers faced by people with past convictions. Read More
  • 02-23-15 New NELP report looks at the impact of a $15 wage floor in the home care industry. Read More
  • 02-19-15 NELP on Walmart's wage announcement: workers "achieved something unprecedented." Read More
  • 02-13-15 New fact sheet outlines the Home Care Association of America v. Weil lawsuit and ways that employers and states should continue to implement wage protections for home care workers while the case is pending. Read More
  • 02-10-15 NELP's Rebecca Smith on what happens when the Ubers and Lyfts of today's on-demand economy collide with U.S. employment law, in op-ed. Read More
  • 02-06-15 NELP's George Wentworth writes about the conversation no one in Congress wants to have about unemployment insurance, in The Hill op-ed. Read More
  • 02-06-15 NELP's Cathy Ruckelshaus on why Republicans are missing the point on joint employers, in Huffington Post op-ed. Read More
  • 02-03-15 Check out's excellent piece on NELP's report and the need to reform unemployment insurance. Read More

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