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Reforming Overtime Rules

Our new report shows why today's overtime rules are not working for America's workers. Read More

Manufacturing Low Pay

NELP's new report documents declining wages in the jobs that built America's middle class. Read More

Temped Out

Staffing work is one part of a larger story about the declining middle class in our country. Read More

Accountability in Outsourcing

As outsourcing becomes standard practice, how do we ensure that businesses are responsible for their workers? Read More


  • 12-17-14 New NELP report shows why federal overtime rules aren't working for America's workers and why we need reform. Read More
  • 12-04-14 NELP's Arun Ivatury on the latest round of fast-food worker strikes, in op-ed. Read More
  • 12-03-14 NELP's Maurice Emsellem on why we need fair-chance hiring of people with records, in TalkPoverty. Read More
  • 12-01-14 NELP's Maurice Emsellem and CLS Philly's Sharon Dietrich call for reconfirmation of EEOC general counsel, a champion of vulnerable workers, in Huff Post op-ed. Read More
  • 11-26-14 NELP's Cathy Ruckelshaus and Sarah Leberstein on manufacturing's low-wage crisis and what we can do about it, in Reuters op-ed. Read More
  • 11-20-14 NELP commends President Obama's executive action on immigration. Read More
  • 11-20-14 NELP's new report, Manufacturing Low Pay, documents declining wages in the jobs that built America's middle class. Read More
  • 11-19-14 NELP's Michelle Natividad Rodriguez explains federal regulation of criminal background checks, in Collateral Consequences Resource Center blog. Read More
  • 11-07-14 NELP's Michelle Natividad Rodriguez outlines next steps to get ex-inmates jobs after passage of California's Prop. 47. Read More
  • 10-30-14 NELP co-authors amicus brief in First Circuit case testing whether low-paid Dunkin Donuts managers named “executives” and therefore exempt from overtime were properly classified. Read More

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