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Misclassifying Port Truck Drivers

Workers and taxpayers pay the price when port trucking companies misclassify their employee drivers as independent contractors. Read More

Tackling the Long-Term Unemployment Crisis

Our issue brief explores what the Obama administration, Congress, and business leaders can do. Read More

Low-Bid Federal Contracting Promotes Poverty-Wage Jobs

NELP's report surveys federally contracted low-wage workers, and shows more than 1 in 3 need public assistance to get by. Read More

Does Your State Have Work-Sharing?

Work-sharing is an unemployment insurance program that prevents layoffs and saves jobs. Federal grants are available to implement work-sharing. Read More


  • 04-17-14 Nebraska becomes 1st red state to "ban the box"; 11th state to endorse fair hiring of people with records. Read More
  • 04-09-14 NELP’s Sarah Leberstein partners with PHI Medicaid Redesign Watch to publish series of employer advisories on NY home care worker issues. Read More
  • 04-08-14 NELP's Christine Owens on why we all need to stand firm on raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, in Roll Call commentary. Read More
  • 04-07-14 NELP applauds Senate vote to renew emergency jobless aid and urges swift passage in House. Read More
  • 04-04-14 NELP's Tsedeye Gebreselassie on the wage-theft epidemic in the fast-food industry, in Courier Times op-ed. Read More
  • 04-04-14 March's jobs report underscores continuing need for Congress to aid long-term unemployed and low-wage workers. Read More
  • 04-03-14 NELP files Second Circuit amicus brief on behalf of unpaid interns Read More
  • 04-02-14 NELP's Sarah Leberstein on how Chris Christie shortchanged New Jersey's port truck drivers, in Star-Ledger op-ed. Read More
  • 03-31-14 NELP's Cathy Ruckelshaus explains why DOL was right to use its "hot goods" authority to seize goods produced under abusive conditions, in Salon op-ed. Read More
  • 03-26-14 Connecticut passes the nation's first $10.10 minimum wage. Read More

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