Senior Program Manager

Washington, DC

Areas of Expertise

Health and Safety, Research, Workplace Equity


Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Shayla is NELP’s Work Equity Senior Program Manager. Shayla supports NELP’s efforts to create and support policies and campaigns that uplift Black and Brown workers through legislative advocacy, research, and testimony. She is committed to underpinning the work of communities of impacted workers that pillar economic policy. Her tenure at NELP has included projects committed to racial equity, healthful and safe workplaces, and facilitating equity training.

Shayla is committed to infusing race and inclusion into federal advocacy and creating policy messaging that reaches all working people.


PMP, Project Management Institute
B.S., Morgan State University

Quoted In

Lead author, USDA Allows Poultry Plants to Raise Line Speeds, Exacerbating Risk of COVID-19 Outbreaks and Injury, June 2020

Author, Grocery Store Workers Need Frontline Protections, April 2020,

Author, Speeding Up Poultry Lines in a Pandemic Puts Workers’ Lives In Danger, July 2020,

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