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As we get deeper into autumn, others think of fall colors and apple cider. Our thoughts turn to preparation for the upcoming 2016 state legislative sessions and what’s in store for unemployment insurance programs around the nation.

In anticipation of next year’s legislative sessions, we have posted the latest edition of NELP’s Unemployment Insurance Policy Advocate’s Toolkit. The UI Toolkit is a reference guide on the issues we’ve faced as advocates since the Great Recession as well as emerging issues we’ll face in the future. This third revision features new and expanded content intended to provide our readers with resources covering the most significant state UI issues. Presented in a Q&A format, the toolkit is designed to give readers accessible expert unemployment information while providing state-by-state breakdowns of current state UI laws on many key topics.

NELP’s 2015 UI Toolkit has in-depth treatments of recurring issues like business climate, UI financing, and employee misclassification as well as extensively-revised sections on part-time eligibility, compelling family circumstances, partial benefits, misconduct, and drug testing. As an online resource, the UI Toolkit now gives advocates access to separate, downloadable sections on 18 topics, links to many useful sources, and links to related NELP reports. Download the UI Toolkit today.

To highlight the UI Toolkit’s features, preview emerging state legislative issues, and answer questions from UI advocates, we’ll be holding a webinar on Tuesday, November 10, 2015, at 2 p.m. eastern. Registration information and a registration link will be available soon.

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