NELP Condemns Trump Administration’s Use of Term, ‘Chinese Virus,’ Urges Workplaces to Reject Casual Racism 

Following is a statement from Rebecca Dixon, executive director of the National Employment Law Project:  


“The National Employment Law Project (NELP) condemns the use of the term, ‘Chinese virus’ by the Trump administration and any media outlet, which sets a dangerous tone. The COVID-19 pandemic’s global spread was only made possible through the global economy, not any individual country on its own. This language directly enables xenophobia, dehumanization, and violence that endangers Chinese and Chinese-American workers and communities, including all who are broadly racialized as Asian or Asian American. Guidance urging journalists to exercise care in their coverage of the coronavirus is available from the Asian American Journalists Association. 


“The workplace is at the center of much of U.S. life and culture. Workers have a right to safe and healthy workplaces where racism must not be tolerated. We urge all workers and employers to reject the casual racism broadcast from the White House that feeds into and encourages a larger system of violence. 


“NELP acknowledges the long history of racism that falsely ties disease to people of color, resulting in immigration exclusions and detention, ghettoization, housing raids, inequitable health and economic systems, and exclusion from recovery efforts. We extend our solidarity to all people and all workers living through the pandemic and economic devastation.“ 

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NELP is led by President and Chief Executive Officer Rebecca Dixon. Rebecca is a respected national leader in federal workers’ rights advocacy and is in great demand for her thought leadership on issues of labor and racial, gender, and economic justice.

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