2023 Policy & Advocacy Agenda: Bold Solutions to Advance Racial and Economic Justice

Founded in 1969, the National Employment Law Project (NELP) is a leading advocacy organization with the mission to build a just and inclusive economy where all workers have expansive rights and thrive in good jobs. Throughout 2022, rising inflation and the erosion of workers’ wages have highlighted the need for solutions to improve job quality and increase families’ economic stability. Our 2023 Policy and Advocacy Agenda describes how we continue to advance transformative solutions to achieve racial and economic justice and support Black and immigrant workers in building power.

NELP advances its mission with its partners through transformative legal and policy solutions, research, capacity-building, and strategic communications at the local, state, and federal levels. Our vision of a good-jobs economy means we have economic security over a lifetime. It means we can count on just working conditions, benefits, and wages—where equity is baked into policies and employers are accountable. A good-jobs economy is built on worker power, with which we collectively shape the conditions of the job to ensure our communities rise together. Leveraging our multiple roles as thought leader, connector, and convenor, in 2023 we will:

  1. Promote Just Wages, Benefits, and Working Conditions
  2. Build Worker Power and Challenge Corporate Power
  3. Strengthen Enforcement to Secure Worker Rights
  4. Work Towards an Inclusive Economy Centering Workers of Color

Download the policy brief to read more. 

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