State Workers’ Compensation Laws and Administrations

See the table below for the relevant workers’ compensation laws and administration in your state.


State Agency

Relevant Code


Alabama Alabama Department of Labor Alabama WC Act n/a
Alaska Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development Alaska Workers’ Compensation Act n/a
Arizona Industrial Commission of Arizona Claims Division Arizona Revised Statutes Title 23, Chapter 6
Arkansas Arkansas Workers’ Compensation Commission Arkansas Code Title 11, Chapter 9
California California Division of Workers’ Compensation California Labor Code n/a
Colorado Colorado Department of Labor and Employment Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act n/a
Connecticut State of Connecticut Workers’ Compensation Commission State Workers’ Compensation Act n/a
Delaware Delaware Office of Workers’ Compensation Delaware Code Title 19, Chapter 23
DC DC Workers’ Compensation Program DC Workers’ Compensation Code  Title 32, Chapter 15
Florida Florida Division of Workers’ Compensation Florida Statutes n/a
Georgia Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation Code of Georgia Title 34, Chapter 9
Hawaii Hawaii Disability Compensation Division Hawaii Workers’ Compensation Law Chapter 386
Idaho State of Idaho Industrial Commission Idaho Workers’ Compensation Laws Title 72
Ilinois Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act n/a
Indiana Workers’ Compensation Board of Indiana Indiana Code Title 22, Article 3
Iowa Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation Iowa Code

Text of the 2017 legislative changes

Chapter 85
Kansas Kansas Department of Labor Kansas Statute Chapter 44, Article 5
Kentucky Kentucky Labor Cabinet Kentucky Revised Statutes Chapter 342
Louisiana Louisiana Workforce Commission Louisiana Revised Statutes Title 23
Maine Maine Workers’ Compensation Board Maine Revised Statutes Title 39-A
Maryland Maryland Workers’ Compensation Commission Maryland Division of State Documents Subtitle 9
Massachusetts MA Department of Industrial Accidents Commonwealth of Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 152
Michigan Michigan Workers’ Compensation Agency MI Workers’ Disability Compensation Act of 1969 Act 317
Minnesota Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes Chapter 176
Mississippi Mississippi Workers’ Compensation Commission Mississippi Code of 1972 Title 71, Chapter 3
Missouri Missouri Workers’ Compensation Division Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 287
Montana Montana Workers’ Compensation Regulations Bureau Montana Code Title 39, Chapter 71
Nebraska Nebraska Department of Insurance Nebraska Revised Statutes Chapter 48
Nevada Nevada Department of Industrial Relations Nevada Law n/a
New Hampshire New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation Division  New Hampshire Statutes Chapter 281-A
New Jersey New Jersey Department of Workers’ Compensation State of New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law Title 34, Chapter 15
New Mexico New Mexico Workers’ Compensation Administration New Mexico Code – Justia Chapter 52
New York New York State Workers’ Compensation Board New York Codes, Rules and Regulations Title 12, Chapter 5
North Carolina North Carolina Industrial Commission North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Act Chapter 97
North Dakota North Dakota Workforce Safety and Insurance  North Dakota Century Code Title 65
Ohio Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4123
Oklahoma Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation Commission Oklahoma State Courts Network Title 85-A
Oregon Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division Oregon Workers’ Compensation Laws Chapter 656
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act n/a
Rhode Island Rhode Island Division of Workers’ Compensation Rhode Island Workers’ Compensation Statutes Chapters 28, 29
South Carolina South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission South Carolina Code of Laws Title 42
South Dakota South Dakota Division of Insurance South Dakota Workers’ Compensation Statute Title 62
Tennessee Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation Tennessee Code Title 50, Chapter 6
Texas Texas Division of Workers’ Compensation  Texas Workers’ Compensation Act n/a
Utah Utah Industrial Accidents Division Utah Workers’ Compensation Act Title 34-A, Chapter 2
Vermont Vermont Department of Labor Vermont Statutes Title 21, Chapter 9
Virginia Virginia Workers’ Compensation Commission Code of Virginia Title 65.2
Washington Washington State Department of Labor and Industries Washington State Legislature Code Chapter 296-15
West Virginia West Virginia Office of the Insurance Commissioner West Virginia Code Chapter 23
Wisconsin Wisconsin Division of Workers’ Compensation Wisconsin Statutes Chapter 102
Wyoming Wyoming Department of Workforce Services Wyoming Statutes Title 27, Chapter 14
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Industrial Commission n/a n/a
Guam Guam Workers’ Compensation Commission n/a n/a
U.S. Virgin Islands U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Labor n/a n/a

*Some states do not provide a direct link to their workers’ compensation statute. The notes section of this page provides additional information to help you navigate from the link provided to a copy of the statute.

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