Uber Interference Video and Link Roundup

This is the story of how Uber and Lyft, in a whopping 41 states, were able to preempt or override local policies intended to protect drivers and consumers.

Transportation network companies (TNCs), primarily Uber and Lyft, have convinced legislators in the vast majority of states to overrule and preempt local regulations and strip drivers of rights. The speed and sweeping effectiveness of the industry’s use of this strategy, known as state interference (or preemption), is unprecedented.

NELP Statements & Related Reports on TNC Deregulation:


Uber State Interference: How TNC’s Buy, Bully, and Bamboozle Their Way To Deregulation

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‘Marketplace Platforms’ and ‘Employers’ Under State Law—Why We Should Reject Corporate Solutions and Support Worker-Led Innovation

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Report: How Uber and Lyft Prevent Cities From Protecting Drivers and Communities

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