Washington Post: Trump Administration Cancels Hundreds of Obama-era Regulations

The White House’s Office of Management and Budget detailed Thursday how it would jettison hundreds of existing or planned regulations as part of its larger push to ease federal restrictions on the private sector, upending federal policies on labor, the environment and public health.

Raj Nayak, the National Employment Law Project’s director of research, said in an interview that the regulatory rollbacks touted in the new agenda have a consistent theme. “They are deemphasizing the projects that help workers,” said Nayak, who served as deputy chief of staff to Obama’s second labor secretary, Tom Perez.

But Nayak argued that by allowing the employer to pool tips, “It’s essentially subsidizing wages that the restaurant should pay. Fundamentally, the employer should not be taking a portion of the tips.”

Read the full article in the Washington Post.

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