Commentary | November 19, 2014

Collateral Consequences Resource Center: Federal Regulation of Criminal Background Checking

Via: Collateral Consequences Resource Center

Twenty years ago, criminal record background checks for employment were rare. Today, the easy accessibility of criminal records on the(…)

Commentary | November 8, 2014

MSNBC: Politicians Beware—The Movement for Higher Wages Has Arrived

Sure, Democrats – who have championed increasing the minimum wage – might have lost the Senate. But across both red(…)

Commentary | November 7, 2014

Sacramento Bee: Next step with Prop. 47 is to Help Ex-Inmates Get Jobs

Via: Sacramento Bee

Proposition 47, which California voters overwhelmingly approved Tuesday, could change the course of the state’s criminal justice system. By changing(…)

Commentary | October 24, 2014

Talk Poverty: It Takes a Village to Enforce Fair Wage Laws

Via: Talk Poverty

Seattle made history in June when it became the first major city in America to pass a livable minimum wage(…)

News Releases | October 22, 2014

Seattle Needs Community Groups To Help Enforce New $15 Minimum Wage

Seattle, WA—Seattle made history by becoming first city in the nation to adopt a $15 minimum wage, but it will(…)

News Releases | October 16, 2014

Calls for Expansion of Work-Sharing Program to Avert Layoffs and Save Jobs

Washington, DC—Time is running out for two-dozen states to tap into federal money for expanding a widely praised employer program(…)

News Releases | October 15, 2014

NELP Applauds Administration Effort to Boost Hiring of Long-Term Unemployed

Washington, DC—The National Employment Law Project welcomed the Obama administration’s announcement today of its latest efforts to improve the job(…)

Commentary | October 14, 2014

MSNBC: Opposition to Raising the Minimum Wage Is Crumbling


In an interview last week, the soon-to-be-named chairman of the National Retail Federation (NRF), Container Store CEO Kip Tindell, pledged(…)

Commentary | October 8, 2014

Huffington Post: SCOTUS Must Side With Amazon Workers, Rule Against Preposterous Unpaid Time Req’t

Via: Huffington Post

The practice of not paying people for the time their employers require them to be at work was outlawed three-quarters(…)

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