Stop Congress from Rolling Back Protections for Misclassified Workers

Congress may roll back the Biden Administration’s independent contractor rule. The rule makes it harder for corporations to exploit their workers by misclassify them as independent contractors.

Workers Need Full Employment Protections

Millions of working people depend on the Fair Labor Standards Act’s (FLSA) minimum wage and overtime protections. In 2021, the Trump administration finalized a rule that tipped the scales toward businesses rather than the workers the Department of Labor (DOL) is supposed to protect. This had particularly impacted women, Black workers, immigrants, people of color, and people with disabilities who disproportionately hold underpaid jobs. DOL’s 2024 Independent Contractor Rule honors the FLSA’s intent and restores the scope of the FLSA’s coverage so that millions of workers are not left without bedrock minimum wage and overtime rights and protections. We must act now to urge Members of Congress to oppose any attempt to rollback this rule.

Call Your Legislator

Tell Congress that misclassified workers need full rights and protections at work and demand that they vote NO on the Independent Contractor rule CRA challenge.

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