On NLRB’s Reversal of Browning-Ferris ‘Joint Employer’ Ruling

Should you be covering the reversal of the Browning-Ferris joint-employer rule, please find the below statement from Christine Owens, executive director with the National Employment Law Project:

“The reversal of the Browning-Ferris decision is just one more example of the Trump Administration favoring corporations over working people.

“In this economy, employers are increasingly subcontracting out vital parts of their business to other contractors and/or using temporary employment agencies to fill vital positions.

“The Browning-Ferris decision recognized that in these arrangements, companies that contract out work may still retain control over the conditions and standards that govern the work and how the workers doing the jobs are treated.

“Browning-Ferris rightly held these companies responsible for the labor standards under their own control.  With this reversal, the Trump NLRB has decided to let them off the hook.”


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