Senate Has a Choice: Say NO to Kavanaugh

Following is a statement from the National Employment Law Project:

“Given the seriousness and credibility of the allegations made against Brett Kavanaugh, his behavior during the Senate hearing last week, and the stakes of this appointment, nothing less than a full, independent, and thorough FBI investigation will suffice before this nomination can move forward.

“The FBI report ordered by the Trump administration, however, is shamefully incomplete. According to multiple sources, dozens of witnesses—including Dr. Blasey Ford herself—have not been interviewed. Some of these witnesses have even attempted to contact the FBI themselves, only to be ignored. That the FBI was reportedly not permitted by the White House and Senate Republicans to conduct a thorough investigation marks just the latest chapter in an utterly shameful process.

“From every imaginable angle—not least of which is his extreme record and his hyper-partisan, belligerent performance before the Judiciary Committee last week—it is clear that Brett Kavanaugh is woefully unfit to serve on the Supreme Court. Any senator who votes for Kavanaugh is saying that they do not care about women, survivors of sexual assault, people of color, LGBTQ people, immigrants, people with disabilities, and all working and ordinary people who call the United States their home.

“No one is entitled to a seat on the Supreme Court—and the people of this country will not forget what their senators decide this week. NELP urges a NO vote.”


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