NELP Urges Thorough Investigation of Sexual Assault Allegations Against Judge Kavanaugh

The following is a statement from Christine Owens, National Employment Law Project Executive Director:

“The National Employment Law Project calls upon the Senate to ensure a fair, respectful, nonpartisan, independent, and thorough investigation into the allegations levied by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford—and to postpone any vote on Judge Kavanaugh’s nomination until such an investigation can be completed.

“Dr. Ford’s allegations are serious and deserve to be taken seriously. They are also directly relevant to any assessment of Judge Kavanaugh’s character and fitness for a lifetime appointment to our nation’s highest court.

“Sexual assault, sexual harassment, and sexual discrimination are disturbingly common, both in the workplace and in every corner of American life. We owe it to survivors—who are still too often dismissed, demeaned, and demonized—to take their stories seriously and to fight back against those who would rush to silence their voices, attack their character, and erase their experiences.

“Any senators who presume to care about the fundamental rights of their constituents and the integrity of the judicial branch—and particularly any who claim to be champions of women’s rights—should do everything they can to ensure that the Senate does not repeat the same mistakes it made when Anita Hill came forth in 1991, and that it conducts a complete investigation into these deeply alarming claims.”


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