NELP Applauds Confirmation of David Weil as USDOL Wage & Hour Administrator

Statement of Christine Owens, Executive Director, National Employment Law Project

Washington, DC—“The National Employment Law Project (NELP) applauds the Senate’s confirmation yesterday evening of David Weil as Wage and Hour Administrator at the U.S. Department of Labor.

“Dr. Weil’s confirmation to the top post in the Wage and Hour Division—a position that has been vacant since 2009—will enable this critical agency to operate at full strength at a time when labor violations such as wage theft have grown to epidemic proportions.

“Workers, law-abiding employers, and taxpayers will benefit from Dr. Weil’s expertise in labor market policy and industrial and labor relations policy and his commitment to upholding the nation’s fair-pay rules.

“Dr. Weil is clearly the right person for the job. He brings a deep understanding of the laws he will be in charge of administering, the violations that are all too rampant, and enforcement strategies that will be most useful in making sure workers are paid what they have earned.

“Dr. Weil also possesses a clear-headed view of the economy and the ways in which it has changed and continues to evolve, and what that means for our basic infrastructure of wage and hour laws.

“With his confirmation, there is now a solid and complete team in place in the Wage and Hour Division, whose work is cut out for them given the wage crisis workers are facing. NELP stands ready to assist.”

Emma Stieglitz
(646) 200-5307

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