The Star Tribune: More than Half of Minneapolis City Council Members Support $15-an-hour Minimum Wage

A $15 minimum wage that makes no exception for tipped workers has gained enough City Council support to earn passage into law in Minneapolis.

Such a proposal would win at least the necessary seven votes on the 13-member council, members said this week, which would make Minneapolis the latest in a string of major U.S. cities to pass a dramatically increased municipal minimum wage.

Eight states in the country — including California and Minnesota — have the same minimum wage for tipped workers and non-tipped workers. No city in any of those states has created a two-tiered minimum wage, said Laura Huizar, a staff attorney at the National Employment Law Project.

“For Minneapolis to create a tip credit in what we call a ‘one fair wage’ state would be unprecedented as far as we know,” Huizar said.

Read the complete article at the Minnesota Star Tribune.

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