Los Angeles Times: Labor Groups’ Report Slams Banks for Sales Quotas

Bank workers are routinely pressured to open more and often unneeded accounts for customers as they try to meet strict sales goals, according to a report set to be released Friday by two labor advocacy groups.

The report, authored by the National Employment Law Project, rebukes banks that use sales quotas, saying they encourage unethical behavior and harm workers and consumers.

Anastasia Christman, a deputy program director at the NELP, said sales goals put workers in the impossible position of choosing between their own well-being – by keeping their jobs or earning sales bonuses – and the well-being of their customers.

“They have a choice between getting that pay or alerting a customer who is depending on them that they’re about to enter into a product or service that might be dangerous to them,” said Christman, who wrote the report.

Read the full article at the Los Angeles Times.

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