American Hotel and Lodging Association, et al v. City of Seattle, Supreme Court of Washington, No. 96781-4, March 5, 2019

Issue: Whether the Court of Appeals erred in striking down Seattle Initiative I-124 under the single-issue requirement.   

Summary: NELP represented as amici a group of defendant appellants seeking to defend Seattle Initiative I-124, which protects hotel housekeepers from sexual harassment and inhumane workloads and give them access to affordable medical care and basic job security.

Hotel housekeepers are 40% more likely than other service-sector workers to be injured on the job. They face health risks through workplace violence; slips, trips, and falls; exposure to chemicals; musculoskeletal disorders; and workplace stress due to high workloads and job insecurity.

These risks must be addressed comprehensively using an integrated approach, as recommended by the National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety. Access to affordable healthcare and job security are an integral part of Seattle’s efforts to improve workplace health and safety for hotel housekeepers. 

NELP coauthored this brief with Dr. David Michaels, Dr. Celeste Monforton, and Dr. Michael Silverstein in support of defendant-appellants’ appeal of the Court of Appeals’ decision to strike down Seattle Initiative I-124 based on the single-issue requirement.  

Update: the Seattle City Council passed the Initiative into law on September 16, 2019.

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