Action is what differentiates NELP from think tanks that focus only on research and analysis. NELP combines deep policy chops with tangible action—via partnerships with grassroots groups and leadership on advocacy campaigns around the nation—to fight for real reforms that change lives.

COVID-19 Resources for Unemployed and Frontline Workers

Learn about the resources and benefits available to unemployed and frontline workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ensuring Safe and Healthful Working Conditions

Nearly three million workers are seriously injured on the job every year.

Strengthening Support for Unemployed People

Millions of U.S. jobseekers struggle to survive with under-resourced state unemployment systems. Long-term, national solutions are needed to transform the system to one that works for everyone.

Turning “Gig” Jobs Into Good Jobs

All people deserve protections at work. When people have few rights at work, they have little flexibility for the life they’d like to live.

Advancing Workers’ Rights in Contract Employment

Learn more about how NELP is advancing workers’ rights in contract employment.

Advancing Home Care Worker Rights

After 40 years of exclusion, home care workers are finally covered by federal minimum wage and overtime laws. Now let’s make sure these hard-won reforms are fully honored and implemented.

Winning Wage Justice: Policies and Practices for Fighting Wage Theft

Wage theft remains an endemic problem in the workplace. NELP is at the forefront of designing best practices that advocates across the country can translate into real improvements in workers’ lives.

Raising the Minimum Wage

The Black and brown worker-led movement for higher wages continues to grow its momentum.

Ensuring People with Convictions Have a Fair Chance to Work

NELP believes that a just and inclusive economy must deliver economic justice and repair for people with records and their families and communities, especially in Black, indigenous, and Latinx ...

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