12 Companies That Are Turning ‘Gig’ Jobs Into Good Jobs

Managed by Q announces stock options for all workers

Statement of Rebecca Smith, Deputy Director, National Employment Law Project:

“Today, CEO Dan Teran of the on-demand office cleaning and maintenance company Managed by Q announced that the company will be affording its workers the opportunity to buy into the company. The announcement was applauded by Labor Secretary Tom Perez, who called it the ‘right thing’ and ‘smart thing’ to do.

“In the on-demand economy, where workers are commonly treated as independent contractors without legal rights or protections, Managed by Q is the leading voice for a different approach. The company has always treated its cleaning staff in the same way as its office staff—as employees. That means that its cleaners have the same legal rights and benefits, the same access to flexible work hours, and now, the same option to purchase stock in the company as its office staff.

“Q is not the only on-demand company that recognizes the value that good jobs bring to the bottom line. So today, we’re releasing a new fact sheet on employers in the on-demand economy that profiles a dozen companies that treat workers as employees and provide them with benefits like flexible hours, stock options, and 401(k)s.

“These on-demand companies are showing that there’s a better way to do business, and that what’s good for workers is also good for business.”


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