Why New York Needs to Index Its Minimum Wage Now

Working New Yorkers need wages they can live on. With prices rising at the fastest pace in 40 years, higher wages can’t wait.

The Raise Up NY coalition and underpaid workers throughout the state call on lawmakers to enact S3062C (Ramos) / A7503B (Joyner) to raise New York’s minimum wage by adopting “indexing”—a proven best practice for ensuring that workers’ paychecks don’t fall behind. This legislation would adjust the minimum wage each year to keep up with rising prices and gains in workforce productivity. Indexing the minimum wage—which has been flat in New York City since 2018 and won’t go up beyond $15 in the rest of the state unless the legislature acts—would raise the wage to $20.45 in New York City, $17.95 in Long Island and Westchester, and $15.75 upstate, all by 2025.


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