Press Clips | January 21, 2016

BNA Daily Labor Report: NELP Expands Its Reach Into Safety and Health of Low-Wage Workers

The addition of Debbie Berkowitz as NELP’s senior fellow for worker safety and health is a wonderful opportunity.

Commentary | November 16, 2015

The Hill: Don’t Reward Lawbreakers with Federal Contracts

Requiring federal contractors to obey the law is not a burden—it’s the bare minimum taxpayers have a right to expect.

Commentary | November 12, 2015

BNA Occupational Safety & Health Reporter: Proposed Rule Will Protect Responsible Workers, Contractors

The federal government has long been required to do business only with responsible contractors.

Commentary | November 11, 2015

What Every Consumer Needs to Know Before Taking Another Bite of Chicken

The poultry industry is cutting corners when it comes to workers’ safety.

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