News Releases | July 20, 2017

Trump Attacks Workers with Spring Regulatory Agenda

Trump’s DOL regulatory agenda puts workers last, not first, as he’d initially promised.

News Releases | July 19, 2017

Worker & Immigrant Rights Groups Launch Nationwide Drive to Educate Employers on How to Protect Their Business & Employees from ICE

Guide (available in 5 languages) outlines best practices for business owners in event of immigration action.

Press Clips | July 18, 2017

Trump’s National Anti-Labor Relations Board

The NLRB is supposed to support workers coming together to improve their working conditions.

Commentary | July 13, 2017

Republican Legislation Would Devastate Home Care

The legislation would harm millions of people and decimate home care services.

News Releases | July 13, 2017

NELP Opposes NLRB and DOL Nominees’ Confirmations

Washington, DC—Following is a statement from Christine Owens, Executive Director, National Employment Law Project: Today, the Senate Health, Education, Labor(…)

News Releases | July 12, 2017

Senate Should Postpone Thursday’s NLRB and DOL Nominee Hearings, Allow Time for Proper Vetting, Say Worker and Civil Rights Groups

NELP has profound concerns about the Senate labor committee’s rush to hold these hearings.

News Releases | July 10, 2017

NELP Applauds Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s New Rule Against Forced Arbitration Clauses

Companies use mandatory arbitration clauses to deny consumers and workers their day in court.

Commentary | July 5, 2017

UW Minimum-Wage Study Doesn’t Reflect Reality of Work in Seattle

A $15 minimum wage is necessary to ensure that everyone can participate in a vibrant economy.

Commentary | July 4, 2017

Alameda County Must Honor its Pledge to Train, Hire People With Records

It’s time for Alameda County to honor its pledge to connect people with records with job opportunities.

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