Title can go here

Details can follow here, Slides advance automatically, or user can advance slides by clicking arrow

Be sure not to cover faces or content

Right side of image should be reserved for text


The above tweet contains a Rocketium video short.

The above Feature content header can be used for relaying information, but is not intuitive for the user to click through as Headers are not often used for this purpose.

The below one column gallery of large images in a wide content block intuitively suggest to the user to scroll, but our styling adds a tan border around images that should be considered in designs – white space cannot be taken advantage of here.

Campaign Content Block

I am not able to replicate the advancing carousel of images. This shows a one column large gallery within a campaign content block.

This is a wide content module with embedded iframe of Leadpages site set at 500px height

This is a wide campaign content block with a canva-generated animated gif of two slides


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