Blog | February 6, 2015

In New York Minimum Wage Debates, Lots of Talk, Little Action

Dueling minimum wage proposals from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo have raised(…)

Commentary | February 6, 2015

Huffington Post: Who’s the Boss? Why Republicans Are Missing the Point on Joint Employer

On Thursday, the Republican-led Senate committee on Health Education, Labor and Pensions held a hearing on joint employers. This follows the(…)

Commentary | February 6, 2015

The Hill: Unemployment Insurance—The Conversation No One Wants to Have

Unemployment insurance was big news during the Great Recession. At its peak, more than 15 million Americans were out of(…)

Press Clips | February 3, 2015

FiveThirtyEight: Unemployment Has Changed. Unemployment Benefits Haven’t.

Via: FiveThirtyEight covers NELP’s report on the need to reform unemployment insurance.

News Releases | February 3, 2015

Share of Unemployed Receiving Jobless Aid at Record Low

Report Offers Policies to Help Jobless Workers, as President’s Budget Highlights Need for Reform

Commentary | January 27, 2015

Washington Post: The Paths to Full Employment, Path 1: Fair-Hiring Practices for People with Records

Via: Washington Post

NELP board member Jared Bernstein on helping people with records find jobs.

Press Clips | January 22, 2015

Washington Post: Millions of formerly incarcerated still can’t get jobs. Here’s how the White House could help fix that.

Now is the time for President Obama to act boldly to open up employment opportunities for the large numbers of(…)

News Releases | January 20, 2015

NELP Applauds President Obama’s Call for Policies to Sustain Working Families

Statement of Christine Owens, Executive Director, National Employment Law Project

Commentary | January 18, 2015

MSNBC: The State of Low-Wage America

This column is part of “The State of America,” an series leading up to President Barack Obama’s 2015 State(…)

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