News Releases | October 6, 2015

First-Ever Poll of Workers Who Make Less Than $15 Shows 72% Support for Unions  

As 2016 race kicks into high gear, wide support for candidates who back $15 and a union.

Commentary | October 1, 2015

Here’s Another Reason a Minimum Wage Hike Should Be Part of Pennsylvania’s Budget Talks

Via: PennLive

The state could accrue more healthcare-related savings from an increase in the minimum wage, writes Yannet Lathrop.

Blog | September 30, 2015

Polls Show Strong Support for $15 New York State Minimum Wage, Higher Federal Minimum in Key 2016 States

Two recently released opinion polls showed New York State voters overwhelmingly support a $15 statewide minimum wage by 2021.

News Releases | September 17, 2015

On Missouri Legislature’s Veto Overrides Blocking Local Minimum Wage Laws and Slashing Jobless Aid

The Missouri legislature’s moves against workers are appalling.

Commentary | September 10, 2015

CNBC: Gov. Cuomo Is Right About $15 Minimum Wage


New York is paving the way for a $15 minimum wage.

News Releases | September 10, 2015

New York Leading the Way on $15

Governor Cuomo proposes to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15.

Press Clips | September 4, 2015

CBS: Why So Many Americans Aren’t Looking for Work

Via: CBS

Despite recent job gains, the national labor force participation rate in August remained stuck near historic lows at 62.6%.

Press Clips | September 3, 2015

NYT: Low-Income Workers See Biggest Drop in Paychecks

Via: New York Times

Take-home pay for many American workers has effectively fallen since the economic recovery began in 2009.

News Releases | September 2, 2015

Report: Low-Wage Occupations See Steepest Drop in Real Wages

Wages have stagnated for America’s workers across the board, but those in lower-paying jobs are being hit the hardest.

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