IT System Integration Specialist

New York City


Lex Bearden joined NELP as an IT System Integration Specialist in 2022. In this role, Lex works to build NELP’s digital infrastructure, explore new platforms, and support staff. He takes pride in helping staff understand and utilize digital tools to advance our shared mission. Prior to NELP, Lex served as United for Respect’s senior data & technology manager, where he developed digital tools to streamline organizers’ outreach efforts and engage retail workers nationwide.

While pursuing a degree in Community Development & Action, Lex volunteered at his local worker center, where he helped develop a database to process and track wage theft cases. This experience set the course for his future career and instilled in him an appreciation for the transformative power of digital technology in organizing.

With more than a decade of experience working at the intersection of workers’ rights and technology, Lex is committed to leveraging digital tools to achieve racial and economic justice.

Lex is a proud member of the NELP Staff Association, NOLSW, UAW, LOCAL 2320.


M.Ed. – Vanderbilt University

M.A. – Middle Tennessee State University

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