News Releases | October 27, 2015

NYC ‘Fair Chance’ Hiring Law Takes Effect Today

News Releases | October 27, 2015

NYC ‘Fair Chance’ Hiring Law Takes Effect Today

Employers: consider qualifications first.

News Releases | October 15, 2015

Leading Occupational Health & Safety Expert to Join NELP

Deborah Berkowitz has a long and distinguished record in the field of occupational safety and health.

News Releases | October 7, 2015

NELP Applauds Labor Department Directive on States’ Responsibilities to Ensure Access to Jobless Aid

Web-based application systems and use of new technologies must not create barriers to access.

News Releases | October 6, 2015

First-Ever Poll of Workers Who Make Less Than $15 Shows 72% Support for Unions  

As 2016 race kicks into high gear, wide support for candidates who back $15 and a union.

News Releases | October 1, 2015

On the Senate Bipartisan Criminal Justice Reform Bill

NELP applauds the Senate’s work to advance criminal justice reform and to fix flawed FBI background checks for employment.

News Releases | September 22, 2015

Report: Florida’s Unemployment Insurance Program Shuts Out Jobless

Only 1 in 8 unemployed Floridians receives jobless aid—lowest rate in the nation.

News Releases | September 17, 2015

On Missouri Legislature’s Veto Overrides Blocking Local Minimum Wage Laws and Slashing Jobless Aid

The Missouri legislature’s moves against workers are appalling.

News Releases | September 10, 2015

New York Leading the Way on $15

Governor Cuomo proposes to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15.

News Releases | September 9, 2015

Report: Transforming Gig Jobs Into Good Jobs

NELP’s report offers a roadmap for fair treatment of workers in the on-demand economy.

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