Commentary | March 10, 2017

The Latest ‘Underhanded Maneuvers’ in the Minimum Wage Wars


Battles around preemption are quietly playing out in statehouses from Iowa to Maryland.

Commentary | March 7, 2017

Who’s Against Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces?

Via: The Hill

Lawmakers sided with corporations that steal workers’ wages and cut corners on workplace safety.

Commentary | March 1, 2017

Trump’s Address Was More Measured But Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Uttering platitudes is not the same as actually putting workers at the top of the agenda.

Commentary | February 27, 2017

Little Financial Security in ‘Gig Economy’ Benefits Plan

Via: Albany Times-Union

A meager 2.5% benefits contribution hardly makes up for what’s lost when workers give up employee status.

Commentary | February 17, 2017

What the Country Learned from Trump’s Labor Nominee Fiasco

Via: The Hill

Puzder’s nomination failed in part because of his lack of respect for low-wage workers.

Commentary | February 10, 2017

A Wrong-Headed Maryland Bill Attacks Local Worker-Friendly Legislation

Via: The Washington Post

Lawmakers must reject this proposal and instead strengthen protections for vulnerable workers.

Commentary | December 15, 2016

Will Trump Be ‘The Champion of the American Worker’?

Via: Newsweek

Trump’s pick of fast-food CEO Andrew Puzder for labor secretary should concern us all.

Commentary | December 1, 2016

Labor Department Overtime Rules Important for Employees

Via: The Hill

Millions of workers in retail, food service, and other industries currently denied overtime pay would benefit.

Commentary | November 29, 2016

Fight for $15 Has Brought $62 Billion in Raises and Counting to Underpaid Workers

Via: PBS Newshour

What would really move the needle for U.S. workers? $15 an hour and a union.

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