News Releases | March 28, 2016

California Reported to be First State to Reach $15 Minimum Wage

The potential California action marks a rapid acceleration of the $15 minimum wage movement.

News Releases | February 25, 2016

Alabama Legislature Passes Bill Barring Cities from Raising Local Wages

The Alabama legislature’s effort to preempt local wage laws is a slap in the face to workers living in poverty.

News Releases | January 13, 2016

On NY Governor Cuomo’s Push for $15 Minimum Wage

More than one in three New York workers would get a raise averaging $4,800 a year.

News Releases | January 12, 2016

SOTU: President Obama Can Double-Down on His Legacy for Workers in 2016

The president can bolster his legacy of improving the lives of working families.

News Releases | December 21, 2015

14 Cities & States Approved $15 Minimum Wage in 2015

Over one dozen legislative or ballot proposals are expected to move in 2016.

News Releases | November 10, 2015

On Fast-Food Workers’ Biggest-Ever Strike

News Releases | November 10, 2015

On Fast-Food Workers’ Biggest-Ever Strike

Look what can happen when workers come together to demand what is right.

News Releases | October 6, 2015

First-Ever Poll of Workers Who Make Less Than $15 Shows 72% Support for Unions  

As 2016 race kicks into high gear, wide support for candidates who back $15 and a union.

News Releases | September 17, 2015

On Missouri Legislature’s Veto Overrides Blocking Local Minimum Wage Laws and Slashing Jobless Aid

The Missouri legislature’s moves against workers are appalling.

News Releases | September 10, 2015

New York Leading the Way on $15

Governor Cuomo proposes to raise the state’s minimum wage to $15.

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