Dec. 3, 2012 | Bukola


The Worker’s Justice Project, located in Jackson Heights, New York, is a collectively-formed organizing project to empower low-wage immigrant workers to change conditions that lead to exploitation, strengthen the grassroots base of the labor movement, and to create grassroots economic change.  For more than a decade, the Bay Parkway Community Job Center has served as an important community resource for countless workers. The job center, however, was not spared by Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed the worker center and the surrounding area. Day laborers—who are playing a critical role in the recovery of the area, even forming a volunteer brigade to help with the cleanup—now lack a central space to meet employers.
The Worker’s Justice Project has continued to organize day laborers in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, educating workers about the particular health and safety hazards that arise after disaster strikes, and have organized meetings with key labor agencies. The Worker’s Justice Project has served as a key center for day laborers to find work, recover unpaid wages for workers, provide leadership development, and organize workers. The Project also runs the innovative Bay Parkway Community Job Center and Apple Eco-Cleaning Co-op, a worker owned and operated green home cleaning cooperative. Workers continue to meet a few hundred feet away from where their old building once stood.
Members of the Workers Justice Project are not only responding to rebuilding their community in Brooklyn, but struggling to rebuild their own center. Donations are needed to rebuild the Bay Parkway Community Job Center and the coastal neighborhoods of Brooklyn.  To support, please contact the Project at: or call (646) 479-4769. Checks can be sent to: Worker's Justice Project, PO Box 720009, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, checks payable to "Worker's Justice Project."

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