• 10-21-08 New figures show that states have experienced major increases in unemployment as the numbers of workers exhausting their state unemployment benefits has skyrocketed over the past year. Read More
    • 10-15-08 19 state unemployment trust funds are nearly out of funds or are just marginally solvent, and the situation is expected to worsen in 2009. Read More
    • 10-03-08 Long-term unemployment surges in September 2008--pointing to the need for expanded extended unemployment benefits. Read More
    • 09-26-08 NELP and allies critique proposed Fair Labor Standards Act regulations that would reduce worker protections for delivery, restaurant, nursing and food service workers, among others.  Read More
    • 09-17-08 NELP's Laura Moskowitz testifies before Congress and outline ways to proect the rights of 1.5 million port workers subjected to new criminal background checks over the past year. Read More
    • 09-12-08 NELP analysis calls on Congress to expand jobless benefits for 800,000 workers left without federal assistance in October. Read More
    • 09-05-08 NELP and allies from New Jersey’s Raise the Wage Campaign released Lost Time, Lost Pay, a report on the need to raise the state’s minimum wage. Read More
    • 09-05-08 "This is a crisis for American workers." Statement by Christine L. Owens, Executive Director, on the August jobs report. Read More
    • 09-01-08 Cornell University publishes The Gloves-Off Economy: Workplace Standards at the Bottom of America's Labor Market, with contributions by Annette Bernhardt, Maurice Emsellem and Paul Sonn. Read More
    • 07-23-08 The General Accounting Office released a scathing study on the Department of Labor’s failure to enforce basic wage standards, and NELP was featured in press on the report Read More
    • 07-16-08 States are targeting independent contractor abuses, including new executive orders, cost studies, and legislation. Read More
    • 07-11-08 NELP joined with New Jersey allies to step up their campaign to raise the Garden State's minimum wage to $8.50 per hour and protect tipped workers. Read More
    • 07-01-08 After a tenacious fight by unemployed workers and their allies, President Bush signed an extension of unemployment benefit allies that will reach as many as 3.7 million jobless workers. Read More
    • 05-05-08 NELP brought together progressive leaders from the Great Lakes region to call for new strategies for averting layoffs and revitalizing the heartland economy. Read More
    • 04-12-08 NELP testified in Congress in support of a bi-partisan proposal to extend unemployment benefits Read More
    • 03-31-08 NELP testified before the The New York City Council's in favor of the  Responsible Restaurant Act, an innovative improve compliance with employment laws. Read More
    • 02-15-08 NELP announces merger with the Brennan Center for Justice's Economic Justice Project. Read More

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