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Temped Out

Staffing work is one part of a larger story about the declining middle class in our country.


  • 09-02-14 New NELP report says rise of temp work and staffing agencies ushers in lower wages and dangerous conditions for workers. Read More
  • 08-18-14 See the Washington Post front-page exclusive story on NELP's latest study of wages and job growth in the recovery. Read More
  • 08-18-14 NELP's new data brief, An Unbalanced Recovery, finds jobs in mid- and higher-wage industries still lagging in this recovery. Read More
  • 08-13-14 NELP publishes series of three fact sheets on expanding employment opportunities for people with arrest or conviction records. Read More
  • 08-12-14 New Jersey Governor Christie signs fair-hiring law, ensuring public and private employers "ban the box." Read More
  • 08-07-14 New NELP fact sheet shows independent contractor misclassification imposes huge costs on workers and federal and state treasuries. Read More
  • 07-31-14 NELP's Christine Owens and Cathy Ruckelshaus on why McDonald's Corp. is the boss when it comes to liability for workplace violations, in CNN op-ed. Read More
  • 07-31-14 NELP commends President Obama's executive order on responsible federal contracting. Read More
  • 07-29-14 NELP's Jack Temple on the fast-food worker convention in Chicago and how the $15 minimum wage is going viral, in Huffington Post. Read More
  • 07-29-14 NLRB finds that McDonald's Corporation may be subject to joint-employer liability in labor complaints filed by workers against its franchised restaurants. Read More

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