Senior Staff Attorney

Rick McHugh
(734) 369-5616
Ann Arbor, Michigan Office

Areas of expertise

Dislocated Worker Programs (Trade Adjustment Assistance) · Unemployment Insurance · Wage and Hour Protections · Living and Minimum Wages


Rick McHugh joined NELP in 2000.  Before joining NELP, he represented low-income workers seeking to access their government benefits as a legal services attorney, and he was a lawyer for the United Auto Workers, where he represented laid-off workers seeking to access unemployment benefits and Trade Adjustment Assistance.  At NELP, he has successfully worked with advocates in the Midwest and other states to improve the state unemployment insurance programs.  In 2005, he established the Economic Dislocation Initiative serving Midwest states suffering from major layoffs in the auto industry.  He has testified before Congress and several state legislatures and published a number of articles on the unemployment insurance program and other worker rights issues. 


J.D., University of Michigan School of Law
B.A., Wabash College

Selected Publications

·    Getting Certified for Trade Adjustment Assistance: A Guide for Unions, Workforce Agencies, and Community Groups (National Employment Law Project: 2005)

·    “Unemployment Insurance and Voluntary Quits: How States' Policies Affect Today's Families,”  Clearinghouse Review (May-June 2003)

·    Laid Off and Left Out: Part-Time Workers and Unemployment Insurance Eligibility (National Employment Law Project: 2002)

·    “Recognizing Wage and Hour Issues on Behalf of Low-Income Workers,”  Clearinghouse Review (September-October 2001)