Minimum Wage Campaign Coordinator

Jen Kern, Minimum Wage Campaign Coordinator
(202) 887-8202 x364
Washington, D.C. Office

Areas of expertise

Minimum Wage and Living Wage · Campaign Assistance

Jen recently joined NELP to coordinate work on building a campaign to increase the federal minimum wage.   Jen’s background is in providing technical assistance and support to labor and community organizers for grassroots organizing campaigns around worker justice issues.  For 15 years, Jen worked in the national office of ACORN, including ten years as the director of ACORN’s Living Wage Resource Center, which served as a clearinghouse for the national living wage movement and provided direct organizing support for the campaigns driving the effort.  Immediately before joining NELP, Jen spent a year and a half at American Rights at Work on the campaign to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, working to coordinate workers’ rights organizing strategies with state consultants, labor leaders, and allies on the state and national levels.

B.A., Grinnell College