Help Renew Federal Unemployment Insurance for 2012:

Tell Your 2011 Layoff and Unemployment Insurance Story

If you were laid off in 2011, began receiving unemployment insurance benefits this year and are currently unemployed and looking for work, then you are among the more than 6 million Americans who could be cut off from federal unemployment insurance extensions in the New Year -- unless Congress acts to renew the federal programs before they expire Dec. 31st.

If Congress fails to act, nearly 2 million unemployed workers would be cut off of access to the federal benefits in January 2012 alone.

As part of our campaign to renew federal unemployment insurance, we need the stories and the voices of those unemployed workers most directly affected.

So, if you were laid off in 2011 and started receiving unemployment benefits this year, please share your story with us using the form below.  We will be using stories in different ways during the renew unemployment insurance campaign -- on our website, with Members of Congress, at events on Capitol Hill, and in some cases with media (with your permission).

Please include:

* Your name, your hometown and state

* What month were you laid off in 2011 and when did you begin receiving unemployment benefits?

* What type of work had you been doing before you were laid off, and how many years had you worked previously?

* How has unemployment insurance helped you sustain yourself and your family during a difficult time to search for new work?

* What impact would it have on you were you to be cut off of federal unemployment benefits if you needed them in 2012?

* If you are open to being contacted by a media representative, please let us know that too and include your phone number so we can follow up with you for further information.  Keeping the stories and voices of real unemployed people in the media helps immensely in ongoing efforts to build on the public's broad support for unemployment insurance renewal.

Many thanks.