Low-Wage Recovery & Growing Inequality

NELP's new report shows that the current recovery continues to be skewed towards growth in low-wage occupations, adding to the long-term rise in inequality in the United States. 

Read and hear more about The Low-Wage Recovery in The New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, CNBC, and National Public Radio.  


The Low-Wage Recovery and Growing Inequality

10 Ways to Rebuild the Middle Class

Too many workers are toiling in jobs that don't pay enough to support families, and too many can't find work at all.  The jobs that are growing are mostly low wage and stripped of benefits. 

What can we do? 
This new report, from NELP and more than 20 other organizations, offers 10 concrete solutions to make today's jobs better and tomorrow's jobs good.


10 Ways to Rebuild the Middle Class

Big Business, Corporate Profits & The Minimum Wage

NELP's latest minimum wage study finds that a majority of America's lowest-paid workers are employed by large corporations, not small businesses.  Most of these corporations are in strong financial positions and could well afford higher wages. 

Please also check out our related infographic, entitled Meet America's Largest Low-Wage Employers, and feel free to share it!


Meet America's Largest Low-Wage Employers

Walmart's Supply Chain of Greed

Our report examines how Walmart's outsourcing practices are driving down wages and working conditions for U.S. warehouse workers. 

Just last week, warehouse workers in California went on strike to protest unfair labor practices at a major Walmart-contracted warehouse.  Read more at our Immigrant Worker Justice Blog


Walmart's Supply Chain of Greed

More Must-Reads . . . 

When Unemployment Runs Out: An Action Plan to Help America's Long-Term Unemployed

Our new report calls for a strong coordinated response to record numbers of long-term unemployed losing unemployment insurance

Rebuilding Our Way to a Sustainable Recovery: Making Commercial Building Retrofit Jobs Into Quality Jobs for Our Communities

As cities like Los Angeles, Seattle, and Milwaukee are showing, policymakers can support good jobs through incentives for building owners to improve energy efficiency.

States Adopt Fair Hiring Standards: Reducing Barriers to Employment of People With Criminal Records

Our recently updated survey tracks fair hiring laws and proposals around the nation.  

Lessons Left Unlearned: Unemployment Insurance Financing After the Great Recession

Our report and companion policy brief detail how ill-advised employer tax breaks depleted most states' unemployment insurance funds and left states unprepared for the Great Recession. 


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