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Disaster Unemployment Assistance in Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Workers who lost their jobs as a result of Hurricane Sandy -- and who aren't eligible for regular state unemployment insurance, e.g., the self-employed -- may be eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance, a federal program that provides up to 26 weeks of jobless aid.

To qualify, individuals must have lost their jobs as a result of a major disaster in an area so declared by the president.  To date, a number of counties in NY, NJ, and CT have been declared major disaster areas.  Check out our fact sheet for more info.

And be sure to visit NELP's Immigrant Worker Justice Blog to read about how the storm has impacted immigrant worker communities on the East Coast. 


Disaster Unemployment Assistance After Hurricane Sandy

Time to Reinvest in Public Employment Service

Public officials of all stripes say they support "reemployment," but strengthening reemployment services takes more than rhetoric -- it requires a serious commitment to strengthening public reemployment tools.

NELP's new report calls for boosting federal funding for the Employment Service in our nation's One-Stop Career Centers, and targeting unemployed workers who face the highest risk of becoming long-term unemployed.  


Reinvesting in Public Employment Service

As Awareness Grows of the Low-Wage Recovery, 3 Ways to Fight Inequality 

Today's Wall Street Journal features a surprising op-ed from publisher and real-estate magnate Mort Zuckerman, in which he heavily cites NELP's recent study, The Low-Wage Recovery and Growing Inequality, showing that low-wage occupations have grown nearly three times as fast as mid-wage and higher-wage occupations since the recovery started.

But here at NELP, we believe it doesn't have to be that way.  Our recent op-ed in The Atlantic argues that fighting inequality requires a renewed focus on strengthening, enforcing, and updating core job standards that all Americans agree on:  decent pay, safe workplaces, equal access to good jobs, and the idea that taxpayer money shouldn't be used to create poverty wages.


The Atlantic -- 3 Ways to Fight Inequality

Walmart's Everyday Low Wages 

Check out our recent op-ed, distributed via the McClatchy news wire, in support of the Walmart workers who participated in unprecedented walkouts in more than a dozen cities last month. 

The workers are protesting abusive conditions throughout Walmart's supply chain, and more strikes are possible this month on Black Friday, the most lucrative day of the year for retailers.   


Walmart's Supply Chain of Greed

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