Raising Wages, From the Ground Up

NELP staff speaking about nationwide protests for higher wages.

Across the nation, there’s a new wave of action to address the urgent crisis of low-wage work and widening inequality – the issues that President Obama last week called “the defining challenge of our time.”

Two weeks ago, in the shadow of Capitol Hill, two Maryland counties – Montgomery and Prince George’s – joined the District of Columbia in approving an $11.50 minimum wage, a rate that ranks among the nation’s highest and that will deliver a critical boost to workers and the local economy in this high-cost region. Leaders in cities from Seattle and San Francisco, to New York and Chicago, are now pushing for even more significant increases.

And last week, thousands of fast-food workers in 100 cities across the country staged the largest strike in the history of the industry, taking direct action to boost pay and gain a voice at the workplace.

With Congress gridlocked on a long-overdue increase in the federal minimum wage, a rapidly-growing number of states and cities across the nation are poised to win much-needed minimum wage increases over the next year. NELP is pleased to be supporting these campaigns, and helping show how low-wage industries like fast food can transition to a higher-wage business model that supports workers and the economy as a whole.

The fight to raise wages won’t be won overnight, but it’s the challenge that courageous low-wage workers and local leaders across the country have accepted – and NELP is honored to be able to have their backs.


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