100 Days for America's Workers


100 Days for America's Workers


As we wind down 2012 and look ahead to President Obama’s second term and a new Congress, one thing is clear to us here at NELP:

America’s workers must be front and center in the effort to rebuild our economy.

Please help us in that effort—make a year-end contribution today.

For too long, our nation’s leaders have failed to take meaningful action on the major economic problems of our time: the dearth of good jobs, stubbornly high unemployment, stagnant or falling wages, egregious workplace abuses such as wage theft—and the reality that all but the wealthiest are falling behind.

The new term offers an opportunity to hit reset and right our priorities. Building momentum from the get-go will be critical.

NELP's policy agenda for the start of the new term, "100 Days for America's Workers," offers a route for real and meaningful change in five areas that will improve the lives of millions and give our economy the boost it needs.

Download now! 100 Days for America’s Workers: Policies to Jump-Start a Living Wage Recovery

These five policies are ripe for immediate action. They’re a way to begin to restore the promise of opportunity, mobility, and security through work.

While we look ahead to the opportunities of the new term, we also ask for your continued support today.

NELP has been shoulder-to-shoulder with our allies in meeting the challenges of the past year. We’ve provided the research, legal expertise, and policy solutions to bolster national and grassroots campaigns, standing together against attacks on workers. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved in 2012, and we know so much more is possible in 2013.

Please support NELP today.  Help us reshape our economy into one that respects and values all who work or seek to work. Our goal is to win positive and lasting change for America’s workers—and together with you, we’re confident we will.

With deepest gratitude,

Christine Owens
Executive Director


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