A Promise to Home Care Workers


President Obama's Promise to Home Care Workers

One year ago, President Obama stood beside home care workers and promised to end a decades-long injustice.  A loophole in federal law allows most of these workers, who provide essential care for our elderly and disabled, to be shut out from basic minimum wage and overtime protections.  

Said the President:  "Even though [these workers] do everything from bathing to cooking, they’re still lumped in the same category as teenage babysitters when it comes to how much they make. . . .  [M]any home care workers are forced to rely on things like food stamps just to make ends meet.  That’s just wrong.  In this country, it’s unexcusable."  

But one year later, the Labor Department rules still haven't been fixed.  

Today, NELP released a video that calls on President Obama to finish what he started.  And some of the workers who stood with the President last year sent this letter today to remind him of his promise.  (See the coverage in today's Huffington Post.)  

Please join with us to tell President Obama that it's time to give home care workers the basic wage-and-hour protections they deserve.  

Take a moment to sign this petition.  Leave a comment for the White House at 202-456-1111.  

And help us spread the word.  Sample social media posts are below.

With your help, we can push these long-overdue reforms across the finish line.  Thank you!

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Video: Pres Obama, pls keep your promise. Homecare workers need min wage & OT protections! http://youtu.be/hRvs5LwlCpo #respecthomecare @whitehouse

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Video: One year after President Obama pledged to end decades of exclusion and finally extend minimum wage and OT protections to home care workers, we're still waiting. President Obama, please honor your promise!  http://youtu.be/hRvs5LwlCpo

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