News Releases | June 23, 2017

Trump DOL Proposes Rollback of Beryllium Protections

The Trump administration is taking us backwards again, abandoning workplace protections against toxic beryllium fumes and dust.

News Releases | June 21, 2017

CEO Travis Kalanick’s Departure Offers Uber a Chance to Turn Around

Uber must fix its biggest problem: a business model that mimics its founder’s irresponsibility.

News Releases | June 20, 2017

NELP on Uber’s 180 Day Plan

It’s clear that the company will not tolerate an empowered workforce that negotiates its own wages and working conditions.

News Releases | June 19, 2017

Trump Admin Switches Sides in SCOTUS Case, Backing Corporations in Stifling Workers’ Day in Court

The move would further rig our legal system against working people and give even more power to corporations.

News Releases | June 9, 2017

Federal Rule Protecting Retirement Savers Takes Effect Today

The rule protects retirement savers’ right to know whether the financial advice they’re getting actually promotes their best interests.

News Releases | June 7, 2017

On Secretary Acosta’s Announcement of an Upcoming Request for Information on Overtime

We urge the DOL not to let this Request for Information get in the way of ensuring that workers have(…)

News Releases | June 7, 2017

On Labor Department Rescinding Guidance on Joint Employment and Misclassification

This symbolic move doesn’t change the law nor anyone’s rights or responsibilities under the law.

News Releases | May 31, 2017

OSHA Cites Saipan Casino Contractors for Egregious Worker Safety Violations

OSHA fined the companies $191,000 for 20 serious violations, among the largest penalties this year.

News Releases | May 31, 2017

NELP Praises Illinois Legislature’s Passage of $15/hr

Illinois is bringing the Fight for $15 to the Midwest.

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