Good Food and Good Jobs for Underserved Communities

Low-income neighborhoods in cities across the country face a chronic shortage of stores selling healthy, affordable food - and a chronic shortage of good jobs.  Rising commercial rents have led supermarkets to close down, creating "food deserts" where residents must shop at bodegas, gas stations and other outlets that provide low-quality food and jobs that pay poverty wages.

NELP is partnering on a pilot program in New York City that will bring quality supermarkets with living wage jobs to underserved communities.  Together with a working group of policy experts from allied organizations, we are investigating how city policy tools - including land use controls, the planning process, subsidies and other incentives - can be leveraged to bring more stores offering good food and good jobs to needy neighborhoods.  We anticipate that this project will become a campaign next year, and serve as a highly-watched demonstration project for other cities across the country. 

For more information on our work in this area, please contact Paul Sonn,

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