Labor Market Research

A core principle guiding our work is that research plays a distinct and vital role in public policy: it helps to document structural failures in our economy, and points the way toward coherent policy solutions.

On individual campaigns, we work closely with community groups, academics and policymakers to conduct the economic research needed to make the case for - and understand the impact of - proposed policies. We also conduct basic research to analyze core problems in our labor market, as a first step towards designing public policies to address them.

Our current research projects include:

  • Research on the Growth of Unregulated Work

    In close collaboration with immigrant advocates, community groups and other applied researchers, we are conducting several major research projects on the growing violation of employment and labor laws in a wide range of industries spanning our economy.

  • Research on Unemployment

    NELP researches the latest trends in unemployment, especially the growth in long-term unemployment in the U.S. workforce.

  • Industry Studies and Other Labor Market Research

    We also conduct a wide range of industry and labor market research projects to better understand long-term trends in wages and working conditions, with a particular focus on the low-wage service sector.

For more information on our work in this area, please contact Annette Bernhardt, (for labor market research) or Maurice Emsellem, (for unemployment research).